Trout Unlimited History

Trout Unlimited began on the banks of Michigan's Au Sable River in July 1959, when a small group of Michigan anglers banded together to ensure the health of their trout, their habitat and the sport of angling. Two years later, Trout Unlimited won its first victory: Michigan had replaced its indiscriminate stocking of catchable-sized trout with stream improvement programs, fingerling planting and protective fishing regulations designed to protect the wild, native fish. So began TU's connection with the concept of Catch and Release espoused by the legendary Lee Wulff. He wrote in 1938; "A good gamefish is too valuable to be caught only once".

The concept of Catch-and Release is designed to protect the lives of all fishes. This concept is becoming very popular in Off-Shore Sport fishing as well. Over-fishing in any waters, salt or freshwater, can be destructive to both the fish habitat and the rest of the eco-system that relies on them.

Trout Unlimited is a fishing and conservation organization. Trout Unlimited members realized long ago that fishing and conservation must go hand-in-hand in order for all Trout and Salmonids to survive and thrive in our nations streams, rivers, and watersheds.

We urge you to join one of the local TU chapters if you are within Utah or contact Trout Unlimited to find a chapter near you. Help us preserve our nation's beautiful wild fisheries.

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